200 13g Clay Pro 13 Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case Review

The 200 13g Pro Clay Casino Chips with aluminum case with transparent lid is an ultra-smart looking chip set with its own case. Named Pro Clay chip because of its high quality makeup and appearance, which makes them look and use the chips used in some of the most famous casinos in the world, this set is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to play poker. to the next level. Whether playing for rooms or large pots in your weekly poker game, this poker case will make you feel like you’re betting on one of the best casinos in the world.

The Chips

200 13g Pro Casino chips with aluminum case with transparent lid weigh 13 grams and are 39 mm in diameter. They are made of solid clay with a metal insert that allows for stamping. But you won’t feel the insertion, these chips are as soft as casinos and, when used regularly, they also dress the same way.

You receive 200 two-tone chips in the set and these chips are divided into 100 white, 50 blue and 50 red, although you can obtain different colored chips on request. These chips from the 200 13g Pro Casino chip set with aluminum case with transparent cover not only look and look like casino quality chips, but also sound the same.

The case

The case included in the 13g Pro Casino 13g chip set with transparent aluminum cover is ultra modern and high tech in appearance link cmd368. The lower part of the box is made of reinforced aluminum for aircraft, which makes it extremely light and durable. The inside of the box is lined with green felt and has space not only for 200 cards, but also for 2 decks of cards and 5 dice. The cover is made of scratch-resistant plexiglass, which makes it easy to display this chip to the envy of all your friends.


Although the 200 13g Pro casino chip set with aluminum case with transparent lid was worth the asking price of 50.00, the makers of this set also included two decks of cards and 5 dice, making this set perfect for all types of style casino games Everything inside the cabinet is displayed in an attractive and artistic way.

The white cards are stored on one side of the case, the red and blue ones on the other and the two decks and the dice fit into their own unique sections in the middle of the case. This is a well-designed screen, making the whole set even more attractive for the price.

For those who want to take their poker to the next level, this set of chips is the ideal way to do so. The perfection of these chips, which gives you the feeling of playing in a real casino, combined with the ultra resistant and modern screen and the carrying case, will make you feel like a professional, whether you have started playing or are a poker player. long date.

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