7 Things Poker Teaches You About Life


After 3 years, I have seen a lot of things happen. I’ve seen some very good times and some awful times. However, over these 3 years I have learned a lot about life in general. Below are the 7 biggest things poker has to offer.

# 1 – You Can Do Everything Right, and Still Lose. In poker you try to make the right play every time, however, due to the large amount of luck involved, you can play perfectly and still lose any given day. Much like in life, you can try your best but you can come up short and make your own no shortfall situs casino.

# 2 – Poker teaches you how to look at the expected value of everything in life. To become a good poker player you need to look at every single decision independent of all the noise. Poker teaches you to just make the decisions and get those right. Short term luck / variance or other types of noise. EV on poker players make life decisions.

# 3 – Poker Has Got Me That Emotion Cloud Judgment. When you lose a big pot, it takes a lot of skill to be able to control your emotions, and most of the people in the tilt lose some way after a series of big pots. Some playersdon’t tilt in a big way, but any kind of emotion can effect the way you do. Just like any other spot in life, if your focusing on what your doing, your gonna do it a lot better.

# 4 – Poker Has Created Me About The Long Run. There is so much luck in poker that you can loose for a very long time, even when your playing “perfect” poker. Many things require a large commitment to life. Poker has reaffirmed this to me. If your confident in your strategy, keep plugging away and things will eventually work out.

# 5 – The Poker Has Got Me The Importance Of Being Humbled. When people think about luck, they always get the thing about the unlucky, the flip side. If you play long enough, you will get your hands on long periods of time where you feel like your unbeatable, or every single hand you play, you win. When these times happen you need to stay humble and realize that its good luck. If youdon’t, when you fall back to earth things are a lot of gonna hurt.

# 6 – Poker Has Got Me The Importance Of Never Giving Up. Things can go bad, you can get 2 out of the river 3/4 of your chips in a tournament. As long as you have more than 1 chip left in the game, there is some small chance that you can come back and win. Its very easy to just give up, never give up, play until your last chip is gone!

# 7 – Poker Has Got Me That People Are Inherently Greedy. Poker, like so many other things in business and life is a game that thrives on thrives. When you gotta know the table gets bad, its time to get up. Leaving a tough table with your winnings is much better than losing it all and going home broke.

Andy is a professional poker player who runs a free poker training site. You can find him playing at daily tables of Ladbrokes Poker where he has won tens of dollars.

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